Real Time Currency Conversion using Google Sheets.

This blog post looks at how to setup real time currency conversion within Google Sheets. Google Sheets is a cloud-based equivalent to Microsoft Excel. The current formula will allow Google Sheets to pull live data for a specific currency exchange.

The Solution

This formula can be used in any cell of Google Sheets. Use the “GoogleFinance()” function to pull the vital exchange rate information. You will be required to specify the currency you are converting from as well as the currency you wish to convert too.
Below is an example of converting from Euro to the Great British Pound.

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How To Install Windows on Mac using BootCamp Assistant

In this blog post, I will explain how to use Boot Camp Assistant to install Windows on your Macintosh computer. Boot Camp Assistant is the most efficient way of running both of the most common operating systems on one machine. It allows for the Windows operating system to use the full power of your Macintosh hardware, unlike using virtual machine software which only uses partial performance of the device.

What is Boot Camp Assistant

Boot Camp Assistant is a multi-boot utility for Apple computers. Boot Camp Assistants helps users to install Windows operating system on Intel-based Macintosh devices. It guides you the users through a non-destructive disk partitioning of the current hard drive. Boot Camp Assistant ensures all required software is installed on the Windows operating system to ensure full compatibility between the hardware and software.

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DHCP Lease Operations

What is DHCP

DHCP stands for Dynamic Host configuration protocol. DHCP is a network protocol which allows a DHCP server to assign IP address and additional network information from a defined range of addressing. This defined range of addressing is also referred to as a scope. DHCP servers are essential for all medium to large organisation which require a large number of host devices to receive IP addresses.
DHCP assigns IP addressing to all types of network capable devices including mobile devices and desktop PC’s. The time taken for a network administrator define IP addresses for hundreds of host devices.

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How To Bring Back Battery Time Remaining in MacOS Sierra

The recent macOS Sierra update (10.12.2) has resulted in the removal of the time remaining indicator when you select the battery icon. Apple have claimed this is due to their estimates being inaccurate and inconsistent. Other critics feel like this is a move to obscure actual poor battery life on their newer MacBook Pro models. Regardless, of the reason I found it necessary to have a time remaining indicator. Fortunately their are several third party applications which can perform this mentioned function and more.

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How To Setup Multiple Drives For Time Machine Backups

This blog post, will show you how to setup macOS Sierra Time Machine to use multiple backup drives at once. This means Time Machine backups are completed on two drives either simultaneously or when either one is plugged in. You may want to do this as one drive is a larger capacity and can archive more data.

What is Time Machine

Time Machine is macOS is a dedicated backup tool used to archive your computers files. The tool allows for moments to be backed up in time so that you can go back and recover deleted or missing files. Time Machine also allows users to revert back to older copies of a file, similar to cloud platforms such a Google Docs which allows you to revert back to older copies of a document. Time Machine stores hourly, daily backups for the past month, and weekly backups for all previous months for as much space as you have on the backup drive. As your backup hard drive fills up older backups are deleted.

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How to Install VMware Tools in a Ubuntu Virtual Machine

This post will demonstrate the required steps to install VMware tools within a Ubuntu virtual machine. This blog post will link back to one of my previous posts where I demonstrated how to install Ubuntu in a virtual machine. The below steps are shown within VMware Fusion however, the steps are similar for VMware player.

Step 1 – Load VM and VMWare Tools

1. Power on the Ubuntu Virtual Machine.
2. In the top left, select Virtual Machine and then select Install VMware tools.

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How To Install Ubuntu in a Virtual Machine

This blog post, will show you how to install Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS within a virtual machine. The operating system installation steps are also similar when installing Ubuntu on physical hardware. My post will look at installation within VMware Fusion however, steps are similar for other virtualisation software such as Virtual Box.

Begin by downloading the latest Ubuntu ISO image from Ubuntu’s website.

Ubuntu LTS

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